Sheila McQuillam


Sheila McQuillam

About Sheila

As part of our business development team, Sheila works to expand and build upon our business contacts.

Sheila has a history of working in both recruitment and training, and even has a couple of degrees to boot – one in History and one in Psychology. A vegetarian and animal lover, Sheila is the proud owner of two cats and two dogs, and her favourite musical taste is either David Bowie or anything operatic.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, you’ll find an instant friend in Sheila (Doctor Who’s her favourite), and she believes a good old fashioned conversation is far superior to anything you can get from Facebook or Twitter.

Get to know Sheila

How I take my tea

Not very often, tea in the South is much better

My dream job as a kid

Either a doctor, nurse, actress, nun, or teacher. I had a few

My top tip for job hunters

Be honest and accept criticism

When I’m not at work I’m

Either reading, watching sci-fi, walking my dogs or spending time with my beautiful goddaughter

The best thing about the North West

The people are more approachable than in London

Why I ❤ my job

The results of my work affect people and their future

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