Shannon Bower


Shannon Bower

About Shannon

Shannon joined us after entering the world of recruitment with a year and a half in the construction & logistics sectors – an experience which she said she loved every second of – and she spends her day with us matching up our candidates with the jobs they want.

A woman of many talents, Shannon is a qualified hairdresser and also dabbles as an amateur tattoo artist. She says she couldn’t live without weekends and admits her worst phobia is the dark. She’s also the only person we’ve ever met who is allergic to aloe vera.

Get to know Shannon

How I take my tea

Coffee with 3 sugars

My dream job as a kid

I wanted to be a dinner lady… only because the ones at my primary school got to wear bright pink overalls!

My top tip for job hunters

Do not cut corners when adding experience to your CV, less is not always more!

When I’m not at work I’m

With friends or at the gym

The best thing about the North West

Definitely the nightlife and diversity of people in Manchester.

Why I ❤ my job

I love building relationships, I enjoy speaking to a wide range of people every day as each personality and circumstance is different, it makes it easier to fit each individual need when recruiting.

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