Louise O’Brien


Louise O’Brien

About Louise

After starting her career in banking, Louise joined Recruitment Solutions and her day-to-day role here sees her involved in the management of the business, as well as the management of key client relationships.

Louise says some of the happiest times of her life have been spent on a dancefloor and her signature post-Friday team drink tipple is Prosecco.

She cannot stand bad parking and if she could rid the world of any household chore it would be ironing.

Get to know Louise

How I take my tea

One sugar

My dream job as a kid

A Gladiator (from the 90’s TV show, not the Romans)

My top tip for job hunters

Make your CV neat and concise – first impressions count!

When I’m not at work I’m

With my friends and family

The best thing about the North West

The Manchester and Spinningfields nightlife

Why I ❤ my job

The job satisfaction after either helping someone to find a job or helping someone to find a great person for their job

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