Cara Reader


Cara Reader

About Cara

Cara is in charge of a variety of jobs including processing our temps’ working hours and payroll, anything administrative and just generally keeping our office in check.

She has a history of working in purchase ledger and is the go-to-girl within our walls for queries of any nature.

Cara likes anywhere that has a shop in it and enjoys travelling as much as she possibly can. She has a phobia of heights, can’t stand mushrooms doesn’t like it when people whistle.

When it comes to our post-work drinks on a Friday, Cara’s is the wine.

Get to know Cara

How I take my tea

Milky with one sugar

My dream job as a kid

A nurse

My top tip for job hunters

Take the positive out of everything and don’t give up

When I’m not at work I’m

Either relaxing or with my friends and family

The best thing about the North West

The Lake District

Why I ❤ my job

My colleagues!

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