Andrew Schofield


Tracey McDermott

About Andrew

Andrew joined us in 2017 with a history of working in recruitment, and spends his days finding candidates and guiding them through the CV, screening and interview process.

Andrew believes that waking up early is an essential part of every day, and is a huge fan of triathlons, even once appearing on BBC Sport.

His favourite food is Yorkshire puddings (with gravy, of course) and cannot stand mushrooms. He also says he has a mild phobia of spiders.

Get to know Andrew

How I take my tea

Normal, one sugar

My dream job as a kid

Formula 1 driver

My top tip for job hunters

Always be honest

When I’m not at work I’m

Either cycling, swimming or running

The best thing about the North West

Biking in the hills

Why I ❤ my job

The feeling of putting someone into a job they really love

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