21st June 2021

Get to know: Our Senior Finance Consultant, Joanne Sizer

After spending time off on maternity leave, Joanne Sizer is now back in the Recruitment Solutions office and back supporting our hiring managers and candidates.

We sat down with Joanne to find out what’s important to her as a recruiter, as a colleague and as a new mum in order to keep that all-important healthy balanced lifestyle in and out of work.

Here are the values that are important to Joanne…


1. Relationships

“Obviously, relationships are the backbone of everything we do as recruiters. From candidates to clients, to work colleagues and personal life.

Building and maintaining strong relationships is key to our roles but also our lives – the more people you have around you that trust you and can help along the way, the further you can go and the more you can achieve.”


2. Prioritising health and fitness

“For me personally, health and fitness are massive things for me keeping a clear head and positive mindset. I work out before work each morning, getting up at 5am to give myself the time/headspace to set me up for the day!

And it’s even more so now I have a little baby that takes up most of my time. It’s so important to give yourself that personal time before everyone else wakes up.”