30th April 2021

Get to know: Our Associate Director, Andrew Schofield.

We sat down and spoke with our Associate Director, Andrew Schofield, to find out what values he deemed as important to him both professionally and personally.

Of the place of values in the workplace and a career, Andrew says:

“It is important to me that my personal and business values have a positive effect on my clients. I pride, myself on building honest and consultative relationships with Clients and Candidates. Over the years I have built relationships that have lasted and are built on trust.

The values I work with reflect on my Clients. If I cannot take a consultative approach then it is often very hard to Recruit.
These values are highly important to me and I know I’ve been on the flip side as a Candidate. In the past, I have had both good and bad experiences with recruiters which have helped shape how I do things.”

Here are the values that are important to Andrew…


1. Intensity

“I always talk about how intense I do things, that might sound a little crazy. In the world of Recruitment, the intensity of what I do makes me stand apart from other recruiters. This could include knowing that they have to do the school collection on a Thursday evening to that of a candidate who has 3 other job offers on the table. I make it my mission to understand everything from both a client and candidate perspective.”

“I take an honest approach to my work, and when I feel it is a bad recruit or the wrong decision, I help my clients understand why. At the end of the day, I do not want my Clients to make a bad hire.”


2. Health

“I don’t think this is something that we necessarily always talk about. Mine and the team’s health is part of how we work. For me health is a core value of mine. If we don’t have a healthy team then we can’t deliver to our Clients! You’ll often find me climbing mountains at the weekend or going on a run whatever the weather.” (I even roped in my 2-year-old last week!)