1st April 2021

Get to know: Our Recruitment Manager, Louise O’Brien

What’s important to you when talking to someone about career guidance or for advice on how to grow your team? Industry-specific experience? A record of building successful teams? Being resourceful when options can sometimes appear limited?

Our experience is that most people want aspects of all three of these, which is the basis on how we’ve built our own award-winning team. We believe in the old school values of getting to know our clients and candidates rather than ‘machine-recruiting’, so in the spirit of that we sat down with our Recruitment Manager, Louise O’Brien, to find out what’s important to her as a professional and the values that she swears by…


These values are so important to me personally – I always think how I would like to be treated when I’m a customer

Ultimately if I’m happy with the service I’ve received I’m more likely to be a repeat Customer – high levels of repeat business is something we pride ourselves on as a business! People buy from people – Clients should feel they are dealing with someone who understands them and their business – they don’t want to be treated purely as a “fee” at the end of the process!

My key values are…


1. Honesty

“I am always upfront and honest with Clients (and Candidates) – I follow the rule “don’t overpromise and underdeliver”. I consult with Clients every step of the recruitment process and give honest feedback and updates – Clients really appreciate this approach.”


2. Integrity

“I am ethical in everything I do – I don’t make ‘bad matches / placements’ – if I know something won’t work / fit then I don’t do it – simple!”


3. Empathy

“I regularly put myself in the Clients’ shoes – I get to know the challenges they face and work with them to overcome them.
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A quick hello from Louise…