3rd November 2016

A record month for Recruitment Solutions

Some good news coming out of our office for the start of November, as we’re delighted to announce that October 2016 was a record-breaking month for us since our beginning back in 2004.

In an ever-more demanding marketplace, our team are continuing to produce the results for both our clients and candidates, which has led to the following…


A record number of placements

October 2016 marks the highest number of candidates we have matched with their dream jobs in a single month in our 12 year history. Our dedicated team of Account Managers and Resourcers have worked hard to ensure that candidates find the accounting, finance, administration or customer service job they’re looking for – well done team!


More CV’s sent out than ever before

With our talent pool increasing, we’re proud to say that in October 2016 we presented our lovely clients with more tailor-made options to fill their vacancies than ever before. Finding that perfect employee can sometimes seem like an impossible task, so for our team to be able to present our hiring managers with true options is something we’re very proud of.


Monthly revenue at an all-time high

With more placements and more CV’s going out in October than ever, naturally our revenues will follow suit. Whilst this is obviously great for our team, we’re taking the view that it is indicative of Rochdale and the North West as a whole, with more businesses in the region growing and expanding their teams than ever before.


More Halloween Drops leaving our doors

More happy clients means more seasonal drops, and this month we sent our Halloween Stig, Iain, out around the North West to deliver ghoulish goodies to our nearest and dearest for Halloween.

Read a bit more about our Halloween Drops here, or on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


And last but not least

Last but not least, Louise successfully managed to finish Sober October (the longest she’s ever gone without a glass of her favourite prosecco), raising £381 for MacMillan Cancer Support in the process!